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Experts in: Environmental changes

Courchesne, François


Vice-recteur, Professeur titulaire

My research concerns the study of mechanisms controlling the biogeochemistry of elements in terrestrial ecosystems at different spatial scales, including the landscape, watershed and soil-plant interface. In this context, my work focuses on three themes.

The first concerns the process underlying the temporal dynamics and spatial variability of the biogeochemical cycles of major elements such as basic cations and carbon. This knowledge is essential to understanding the disturbances observed in elementary cycles in response to environmental and climate change.

The second research theme concerns the fine interactions between the soil, roots and micro-organisms in the rhizosphere. This pedological microenvironment plays a critical role in speciation, bioavailability and the absorption of trace elements like cadmium and lead, by plants. Clarifying these interactions contributes to the development of new approaches for bioremediation of contaminated soil, among other benefits.

Lastly, a third theme concentrates on the study of pedogenesis, pedodisturbances and their impact on the redistribution of matter in soil profiles. An understanding of the factors underlying the spatial dynamics of soil components and properties is valuable for interpreting signals in sediments from archaeological sites.


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